VACANCY: Head of a foreign representative office

Which countries are needed: #USA, #Israel, #Great_Britain, #China, #Bangladesh

What needs to be done?

To supervise projects implemented by RUSEK in partnership with market leaders in the application of technological solutions for the processing and disposal of industrial waste. You will take on all the work of project management: you will form a team and an organizational structure (if necessary), develop and monitor the implementation of the roadmap, plan and control budget expenditures, provide operational support for projects until their completion (signing of certificates of completed works). With some customers, you will have to build work “from scratch”, fully control the timing and quality of projects implemented jointly with them. Interaction with government agencies. Increasing the company’s influence in the country of representation. You will also be responsible for attracting new customers. Making brief marketing reports too.

What is the result of the work?

Reporting documentation on the implemented projects for the implementation of technological solutions in the field of processing and disposal of industrial waste, including detailed road maps and plans for their implementation, as well as signed acts on the work performed.

What criteria will be used to evaluate the result?

1. Project teams are formed in accordance with the planned deadlines.

2. Projects are implemented on time and without exceeding the budget.

3. Partners positively characterize your work, they have no complaints about it.

What kind of help can I count on?

The project leader will advise you on all issues related to the specifics of the company’s activities and the project.

What skills are needed?

• Experience in managing large-scale projects at the regional or international level in the B2B sectors in the oil and gas, construction or manufacturing sector for at least 4 years.

• Highly developed negotiation skills (ability to negotiate with top-level employees, representativeness).

• Energy, initiative, perseverance.• Willingness to act as both a project leader and a “game coach”.

• Loyalty to the company, willingness to defend its interests.

• A portfolio of successful cases of managing the implementation of large-scale projects at the federal or international level in the oil and gas, construction or manufacturing sectors. The portfolio should contain 5-7 successfully implemented cases, illustrated with specific figures and data (task, implementation time, budget, team, implementation difficulties, ways to overcome, results).

• Experience in running your own business in the B2B/B2G sector and experience working directly under the CEO will be an advantage.What can I get for this project?You will receive a monetary reward, the amount of which you will agree on during negotiations with the project leader.

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